The process of making
an idea into reality

I will quickly make your idea
a reality with the function of Flextudio.


Even without a designer,
you can express a stylish UI.

Scenario - ArtBoard

UI/UX Design and Development

You can design and develop
while checking the development flow at a glance.


Style by Control

We o ffer various styles for each control,
allowing you to design by providing additional editing options.

Design Template

Layout Template

You can register and use highly frequently used layout designs
as templates.

Formatting Style

Copy Design Format
and Apply to Other Controls

With the design format copy feature,
you can easily replicate the same design.

Design Theme

Express Corporate Identity
with Various Design Themes

For each app and tenant (client),
you can choose a theme that fits the respective image
and serve the app.

Design First

Development Starting from Design

With Flextudio, you can freely compose screens and design without development considerations.
Decorate the screen by applying various styles to components and layouts,
and by connecting only the necessary areas to data,
you can repeat in list form, as well as edit by adding/deleting, etc.


Build Screens Without Code

Even complex screen layouts can be constructed without a single line of code.
By visually observing the flow of the entire scenario,
anyone can design the screen with UI.


Immediate Debugging

Without separate simulation tools,
you can debug during development,
and in case of problems, you can simulate with actual user accounts.


Abundant Features

Sending push notifications, obtaining GPS addresses, socket communication, and more
You can easily use features that are difficult to implement even in mobile apps
with Flextudio.

Web Hosting

Cloud Folder

You can upload necessary HTML, Javascript libraries, CSS,
and other files including images,
and host them for immediate use.


Implement Your Own Backend
on AWS Cloud

MicroService Architect

AWS Lambda-Based
MicroService Development

Flextudio is developed on AWS Cloud.
Experience the stability of AWS and the fast and flexible scaling of Serverless services.


Even in Already Established Solutions
Even if Customer Servers are Separated

If integration with existing solutions is needed,
register connection information for solutions by tenant (customer).
FlexService allows branching access points for tenants (customers) in one service.

Without exposing security-sensitive tenant (customer) access points,
multi-tenancy services are implemented with a single app.


NodeJS + SQL

Don't develop the hard way.
With just JavaScript and SQL queries,
you can create MicroServices.
If the customer has a database, you can manage customer-specific connection information
and connect directly.

  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL
  • PostgreSQL (Coming Soon)

Flex API (Upcoming)

Easily Manage Data with
No-Code Services

Connect with Google Sheet, Firebase, and data.
You can also connect external APIs like Slack, Zappier, etc. by tenant (customer).
You can easily integrate the necessary APIs by registering them yourself.

MySQL for Tenant

AWS RDS DB Provided for Each Tenant (Customer)

We provide AWS RDS MySQL DB schemas for each tenant (customer).
Services developed with FlexSQL are automatically connected to the tenant's DB.
You can manage tenant-specific DBs directly using MySQL Workbench.

App Management

Manage Every Process from
App Creation to Deployment in One Place

Public App

Create an App
without Hassle

By setting up step by step, the app is automatically generated,
and you can download and use it from the app store right away.

APP Pack

Manage Work Bundled Together

Combine developed scenarios to suit your business
and effectively manage your work.

We provide basic App Packs for business use,
such as announcements, meeting room reservations, and restaurant reservations.

Real-time Deployment

No Need to Wait
for Tedious Reviews Anymore

You can deploy version-specific scenarios reflecting tenant (customer) requirements
in real-time.

Customer Management

From Individual UI Configuration
to User Invitations and Management

Member Management

Use Login and Member Management
Without Separate Development

We provide easy login and simple member management functions,
allowing you to use member management without separate development.

Custom Settings

Tenants (Customers) Can
Customize Their Home and Menu

Tenants (customers) can freely set themes, homes, menus, logos, etc.
according to their preferences.

Easy Invitations

Easy User Registration and

Invite users with just one click
and automatically send invitation messages to users.

User Permission Settings

Choose Only the Functions
That Suit Users

Don't think about permission settings complexly anymore.
You can easily set and manage permissions for functions and screens
for each user. You can connect directly.

Experience all of these
for free right now.

In 30 minutes Create your own app.


CEO: Young Beom Kwon

Seoul, Gangseo-gu, Yangcheon-ro 583 (WoorimBlue 9 A 19F)

Business Registration Number I 220-81-23474