The process of growth

Developers at different levels most quickly and effectively
I can build an app and service it


Allow people to create apps in their daily lives, like cooking

  • I understand and help you with various pain points that you go through in creating an application.
  • We plan and make various applications to deliver the possibilities of Flex Studio to people.
  • Because of the hurdle and cost of technology, we go to targets that don't have the right applications available.


We are a group of tech-based professionals with a wide range of technical skills
With colleagues of different specialties
To learn more skills and that anyone can use to the requester.


Trust is what we do most efficiently
The biggest asset that enables you to collaborate


The growth of phosphorus is the growth of the team
Again the foundation of a person's greater growth


Our thoughts and ideas
The more value you deliver to more people


In everyday life, like cooking
Dreaming of a world where you can build apps
We're making progress.

  • 2024.06

    Flextudio 3.0

    Open App services and Commercialization for B2C

  • 2023

    Flextudio 2.0

    B2B multi-tenant services development through
    AI data automatically generated

  • 2021

    Beta release

    Mobile low code for enterprise
    App development platform

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CEO: Young Beom Kwon

Seoul, Gangseo-gu, Yangcheon-ro 583 (WoorimBlue 9 A 19F)

Business Registration Number I 220-81-23474