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Create your own app quickly with Flextudio.

App development,Are you always thinking about it?

I need designers and developers, but I can't hire them right away!

I need to make an app in a short period of time, but I don't have much time...

I have to get a separate iOS and AOS developer...

Is it possible to solve servers, DBs, security, errors comfortably?

I want to develop using various functions such as notifications, maps, cameras, etc..

Do I have to review every time I distribute the app?

Try to solve that problem
quickly with Flextudio.

How can I create the app
I want easily and quickly?

The Flextudio experience begins with simplicity.

Even if I don't know the design

using a template
Sensory App Design

Using a variety of templates
Quickly approach the goals
I want without worrying about design.

Even if you don't have a planning document

at a glance
Intuitive Page Flow

Put the layout where you want it
modify it to suit various situations
and make sure it goes according to the flow I planned.

Even if you don't check your mobile

with emulator support
Quick Prototype

Without the inconvenience of moving between mobile and studio
Check the prototype with the emulator
Support various devices.

Even if you know a little bit of JavaScript

Using the library
Create high-quality apps

You can utilize scripts directly in the library
By linking data and external APIs
You can create your own app with high completeness.

with a click

Rich native features
It's auto-completed and light

GSimply apply various native environments such as GPS,
GPS, push notification, QR scanning,
and socket communication with a click.

Even if you don't wait for the examination

Click the button
Easy to update

Reflect your customers' requirements
and reflect your own app updated for each version
in real time with just one distribution button.

Service Support Scope

Select various functions
that fit the scope of the service and the way it operates.

Self-created app
for everyone

  • #SocialNetworking
  • #NewsMedia
  • #HealthyFitness
  • #Lifestyle
  • #FoodCooking
  • #ContentProvision
  • #Financial
  • #Academy
  • #ServiceBrokerage
  • #CustomerCare
  • #PersonalSecretary
  • #Transportation
  • #Education
  • #TravelReservation

Enterprise Internal App
for Organizational Management

  • #AttendanceManagement
  • #RoomReservation
  • #RestaurantReservation
  • #On-siteImprovement
  • #AnnualSalaryContract
  • #PartManual
  • #EquipmentManagement
  • #Cafe
  • #Club
  • #Event
  • #PersonalSecretary
  • #EmployeeQR
  • #EmployeeManagement

ISV Solutions
to Develop Software

  • #CustomerManagement
  • #LeadManagement
  • #TrackingTransactions
  • #Contract
  • #SupplierManagement
  • #OrderManagement
  • #SalesReport
  • #InventoryManagement
  • #LogisticsManagement
  • #TransportationManagement
  • #CostManagement
  • #QualityManagement
  • #InfrastructureManagement
  • #ContentManagement
  • #ScheduleManagement


Experience all of these
for free right now.

In 30 minutes Create your own app.


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